Our last step. We fly back to Amristar for Paris. We didn't stay there very long just for two nights to stay for free in the Golden Temple.

Golden temple Amristar

Beautiful temple. The main activity to be done in this a city with a Sikh majority. This religion is a branch of Hinduism, it is not represents only a tiny fraction of the Hindus, but they are the richest. You recognize a Sikh quite easily, they are the ones with the long and the turban on his head.

Why Sikhs wear turbans?

Normally, Sikh men should not cut their lifetime hair, hair, beards. Thus, under their turban, they have long hair that is supposed never to have been cut.  But well, some of them admitted to us that they were still cutting them off 😉.

How to sleep for free in the Golden Temple ?

Normally, it is quite difficult to obtain a place for sleeping there, the advantage is that as a tourist you have a place reserved. You can ask the temple reception to have a special place tourist. Thus, you will find yourself free of charge in a single room or in a dormitory depending on the number of places. The nights are free, you can stay according to demand. If it is a less touristy period you can can stay for a long time. In the end, however, a donation is welcome.

How to eat for free at the Golden Temple ?

It's also a very nice activity here, already for the little one you'll have a kind of cookie and a chaï. Then, in the evening and on At noon, Thalis are offered. Free again. In a large canteen, you sit on the floor with your large plate among the other Indians. Then, the "waiters" arrive with a large pot and fill your plates. At the end, you clear your plate.

You can of course participate in all this volunteer work. In effect, on the ground near the canteens, large carpets or hundreds of people are sitting and preparing food. You can join them to cut peppers, shallots, etc.... Sit among the Indians and to prepare food with them.

Here at the Golden Temple, 10,000 meals a day are served free of charge.

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