North Vietnam - Hanoi

After Phu Quoc, we went to Cambodia, to follow my adventures and advice in Cambodia, direction the following link -

From Siem Reap to Cambodia, we take a plane to Hanoi = $80


Arrived at our guesthouse at 10pm after 1h40 of avopn. Bus 86 is picked up at the airport and dropped off directly in the centre of Hanoi.

Our Youth Hostel: Hanoi Cozy Gusthouse: $5 per night for two in a double bed.

For the first evening, we have dinner a stone's throw from the hotel in a shop by the street, a kind of grill, plancha. Delicious.

What to do in Hanoi ?

  • Walking along the shores of Hoan Tien Lake

You can walk along this lake, very pleasant, prefer to go there on weekends the roads are forbidden to vehicles and are thus pedestrian.

  • Visit the Jade Temple

On Hoan Tien Lake, you can take a nice red bridge to get to this temple. The entrance fee is 15 K upon presentation of a student card (otherwise double). Inside the stuffed turtles, sacred symbol of the sword legend.

  • The Vietnamese Women's Museum

Entry: 30 000 Dg. Moderately interesting, you can still make a jump there, for its first floor and the part on the war is worth it.

  • The Museum of History and Revolution

I didn't do it, but I was advised to do it to better understand Vietnamese history.

  • Walking around the 36 corporations district

The oldest district of Hanoi, a historical area, where each street has its own speciality: rue de la soie, rue de la chaussure, rue des poissons etc...

  • Imperial Citadel (30K)

Not very interesting, but you can still walk around in this large green esplanade and admire buildings from the colonial era.

  • The temple of literature (15k student if not double)

By far, the most beautiful cultural place in Hanoi, this very pretty building with several small gardens once housed students who were studying at this beautiful university. Stroll from small garden to small garden until you reach the main temple.

  • Cathedral

Built by the French, this imposing cathedral is located on St Joseph's Square.

  • Stroll on the Hanoi railway lines

You probably know this famous photo or video where you see a train passing at full speed in the middle of the city. Well, it's in Hanoi that you can find this. On the rails, lots of small coffees are installed, you drink coffee, coffee with eggs preferably since it is a Hanoi specialty and during the train's hours, you must quickly get up. The restorers bring in the small tables and chairs, and it is glued against the wall that you see the train passing in front of you. Impressive, to be done absolutely!

  • Strolling through Tran Nhan Tong Park

Joggers do their jogging, others dance by the lake... Lots of activities that we usually do in this park on Sunday afternoon. A short walk in this park is very relaxing and pleasant.

Where to eat in Hanoi ?

To eat a delicious Banh Mi (typical sandwich), I recommend "Banh Mi 25", this one is known to be the best in the city. And it turns out to be true !

Where to go out in the evening in Hanoi ?

As for the nightlife in Hanoi, I think you will find it very easy. In the beer Corner (Rue Ha Tien), the beer clubs are packed to capacity. You can also sit on small plastic coffee tables in the street to drink your beers, it is cheaper and you can enjoy the nightlife of the street. beer Corner (Rue Ha Tien), les bières clubs sont pleins à craquer. Vous pouvez aussi vous attabler sur de petites tables basses en plastiques dans la rue pour boire vos bières, c’est moins chères et vous pouvez ainsi profiter de l’ambiance nocturne de la rue.

Before you go out to party, you can have a drink at "The Old Hanoi Restaurant", 1 beer bought = 1 offered early in the evening. The place is very cute and the view up the streets is worth it. The Old Hanoi Restaurant », 1 bière acheté = 1 offerte en début de soirée. L’endroit est très mignon et la vue en haut sur les rues vaut le coup.

From Hanoi to SAPA

To reach Sapa from Hanoi, you can book your online ticket on the application or the Baolau website or go directly to the station. The train costs 6 euros, we didn't take the sleeper train, but the seats go to bed more or less, we can sleep there without any problem. Arriving at 5am in Sapa, you must then take a small shuttle bus to reach the centre of Sapa, negotiate the price well, we managed for 1 euro for two.

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