La Great Ocean Road

Au mois de janvier, nous avons traverser la Great Ocean Road pendant une dizaine de jours. En van, nous avons découvert cette magnifique route. Dans cet article je vous partage des conseils. Que voir sur la Great Ocean Road ? Dans quelles villes s’arrêter ? Je vous dis tout.

What is the Great Ocean Road?

Un passage incontournable lorsque l’on est proche de Melbourne, la fameuse Great Ocean Road.

Longue de 243 km, cette route en bord de mer relie Tourquay et Allansford. Idéale à emprunter si vous souhaitez vous rendre de Melbourne à Adélaïde et vis versa. Il est possible de la faire en une journée si vous avez peu de temps. Néanmoins, l’idéal est de louer un van ou une voiture pour plusieurs jours. Différents points de vue peuvent y être admirés, notamment le fameux spot des 12 apostles which I'm sure you've all heard about.

Step 1 : Torquay

In those days Torquay was full of hippie surfers, who lived here in ramshackle wetsuits. Today surfing is still popular and surfers come from all over the world. An afternoon will be enough to go around it. Its beach Bells Beach is Torquay's main attraction. Since 1973, at Easter, an international surfing competition has been held here, reserved for the most experienced surfers. Honestly, Torquay is not an essential stop on the Great Ocean Road, you can easily head straight to Lorne. No regrets...

Step 2 : Lorne

Considered one of the largest resorts on the Great Ocean Road. It's worth a visit, especially if you're new to Australia and want to see kangaroos and koalas. Beautiful views and interesting walks.

To see, To do to Lorne

  • Teddy’s lockout : A very beautiful panoramic viewpoint on the strait. If you are lucky, you will be able to see koalas perched in the trees when you go down a little bit after the viewpoint.
Great Ocean Road Teddys Lockout
Teddy’ lockout
  • Lorne Beach If you are with your van, you can decide to park for free by the sea and cook in the car park facing the sea. Then, just next door, you can borrow the picnic tables to taste your preparation.
  • Lorne Golf(Lorne Country Club), if you want to see kangaroos this is definitely the place to spend one of your end of the day. From 6pm or 8pm (depending on the sunset), you can admire on the golf course hundreds of kangaroos mingling with the players. If you wish, you can let yourself be tempted by a cocktail or a beer at the gulf bar, with a breathtaking view of the sea and the kangaroos. Affordable price.
Kangourous Australia
Lorne Golfe, Kangourous
  • Erskine Fallsa nice little waterfall. You can opt for a day hike to see several of them but otherwise in 10 minutes of walking you will reach a nice little waterfall.
  • Hiking from the campsite .... Park for free on the campsite car park and follow the signs. You can opt for a good afternoon hike. This way you will pass by a waterfall, a cave and a forest. Physical enough but nice enough to occupy an afternoon. At the end of the hike you will walk up to the parking lot along the Great Ocean Road.

Randonnée Lorne
Randonnée Lorne

Step 3 : Apollo Bay

An important town on the Great Ocean Road. It is home to a community of fishermen, artists and musicians living there year round.

To see, To do in Appolo Bay

  • Enjoy the central beach and its barbecues in the back.
  • Walks and hikes to see waterfalls again
  • Nice view of the city : Mariner's Lockout

Point de vue sur Apollo Bay
Mariner’s Lockout
  • The lighthouse: Cape Otway Lightehouse Station. If you are a lighthouse enthusiast, do not hesitate to go there otherwise it is not very interesting, especially as the entrance is not free.
  • Favourite thing : Wreck Beach Not very touristy, this pretty desert beach is home to stranded boat anchors. Small natural pools have been dug. Very pretty. Nevertheless, no need to bring your bathing suits, the water is much too choppy!

 Wreck Beach
Wreck Beach

Step 4 : Port Campbell

This wind-whipped town is nestled in a spectacular natural bay. Here you can see the famous 12 apostles. Certainly the most beautiful spot on the Great Ocean Road, you can't miss this stop. There are several magnificent viewpoints on beaches overlooked by rocks eroded from the cliffs. The 12 Apostles is not the only viewpoint and it is not the most beautiful. Do not hesitate to admire also the London Bridge and other rocks ...

Views of port campbell

View 1: 12 apostles

12 Apotres Great Ocean Road

View 2 : : 12 apostles on the other sideTurn your head and just looking for the 2 others apostles

12 apotres
Les 2 autres apôtres

View 3 : The Razorback


View 4 : London Bridge

London Bridge
London Bridge

View 5 : Lorch and Gorge and beach

This beach was the scene of the most famous episode on the side of the shipwrecks. In 1878, two young men, the only survivors of the shipwreck of Loch Ard, reached the shore. Several paths will lead you to the cave where they took refuge, as well as a cemetery where the members of the ship and the two survivors of the shipwreck are buried.

Loch Ard Gorge-Great Ocean Road
Loch Ard Gorge

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