Hue, the imperial city

Where to sleep in Hue ?

Hallo Guesthouse: a very well located small hotel, which offers rooms at 5 $ on Booking, breakfast included.

Où sortir à Hué ?

  • Les rues du centre de Hué sont très animés, deux choix s’offrent à vous : les rues avec bars occidentaux, rues principales, prix plus élevés. Sinon, juste à côtés, vous trouverez pleins de bars avec dedans que des Vietnamiens, facile à reconnaître, la musique y est très forte en décibel ! A la Vietnamienne!

What to do in Hue ?

  • The unmissable citadel

A fortified city in which the imperial city is located, where the emperors ruled successively until 1945. The visit takes about 2 hours to walk from room to room. At the end, a modest museum displays some clothes and objects from the imperial period.

  • Walking along the river of perfumes

By foot, you can walk along the banks of this river. In particular, it is possible to take a dragon-headed boat for a walk along this river.

  • Getting to Greenhouse Lake

Lake that bears its name well, a photogenic place, where you can admire a beautiful sunset.

  • Abandonned Water Park

An abandoned water park, at the entrance a pseudo guardian will ask you to pay. Negotiating the entrance at 10 k Dg, the link is abandoned and prohibited, so it too is not supposed to be there... Inside this park, an impressive dragon structure left abandoned, like the rest of the park. We wonder what happened in this place that was supposed to be aquatic. Further on, slides plunged into the vegetation that testifies to the years spent here. Also, at the end of a large arena where the public had to admire shows at the time.

Hue-Abandonned PARK Dragon Vietnam
Hue-Parc-aquatique abandonned Vietnam
  • Visit the different tombs

Hue is very famous for its tombs. Personally, we didn't do them all, each time, you have to pay the entrance fee... About 100k Dg each time! There is also a pass combining entrance to the citadel and tombs but too expensive for us! so we decide to visit the tombs from the outside.

  • Thiêb Mu's pagoda,

This free pagoda dates from 1601 and is very pretty.

pagode Thiêb Mu Hue Vietnam

Where to eat in Hue ?

Hue's food is very famous. Feel free to ask for Hue specialities when you sit down. We tasted Banh Khoai, a fried rice cake with eggs, shrimps, sesame sauce, peanuts, we mix it all with vegetables. Very good.

  • Restaurant Chan

I really recommend it. A typical restaurant where the locals sit down with their families. A little more expensive than eating on the street, the food is however of high quality!

Restaurant Chan Hué Vietnam
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