What about this city? If you are tired of India, its adventure side, its spicy food and you want to reconnect with other tourists, then go to Rishikesh. If you prefer, the typical cities, full of Indians and fleeing from tourists, this city is not for you.

Indeed, Rishikesh is a city that is worth stopping for a while to take a break from its journey. It is a much less polluted, more civilized city with a lot of activities to do. This city is closer to Western culture. You will have no problem going out for drinks in the evening and making yourself a nice burger and fries in the restaurant. The disadvantage is that since this city is totally accessible, it is full of tourists. We went there in the rainy season and the number of European and Israeli tourists was still impressive.

For us, it hasn't been a major concern, so we've got it. spent two days to enjoy the bars, the food a little more Western. We took this step as a break.

Where to sleep in Rishikesh?

  • Sounù Guesthouse A great room close to the centre by foot. The price negotiated on the spot, we get by for less 5 $ for two per night.

Where to have a great breakfast ?

  • German Bakery Breakfast : great smoothies and brunch are available here.

Top 5 things to do in Rishikesh

1. Take a Yoga course

Clearly, this city is famous for that. Many yoga teachers from all over the world come here to learn and go back to their home countries to teach what they have just received. Then, personally, as it is a hyper-tourist city, I found the prices too high compared to other cities. I preferred to take yoga classes in Benares, Read the article about Benares(less known for yoga on purpose), and so it was cheaper.


2. Going along the Ghats and quays

You can spend a good day walking along the river. Pretty little temples are built everywhere and the walk is pleasant. Sometimes, small parks also on the way allow a relaxing stopover.

3. Visit the Harem where the Beatles stayed

By far, the most famous activity in Rishikesh, you can enter the harem where the Beatles stayed for a spiritual retreat.

4. Walking around the centre to make purchases

There if you love Parisian bobo fashion or hippies, you will be served. In all shops, clothes, jewellery and accessories are for sale. You can take advantage of this city to enjoy yourself. A lot of incense too. Smells circulate in the streets because traders burn them in front of their homes. If you like one, you can come in and buy some.

5. Observe the monkeys

You can see them in several parts of India but here they are very numerous and very close to humans. They are huge and have a very big tail.

Rishikesh to Mussoorie

Take a bus to Dherdadun, stop in Clementown, then arrive in Mussoorie.

Read the article about Mossoorie

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