Que faire à Mussoorie ?

For this mountain town, I really don't have much to recommend since we arrived in the rain and the fog stayed all day. As a mountain city, I am here to help you does not recommend going there during the monsoon season because you will not see anything at all because of the fog.

Despite that, we spent a night there, in a hotel full of people. moths, and woodlice. So we left directly the next day afternoon. For us this city was a monumental failure. It happens when you travel.

However, here is a short list of things to do.

Top 4 des choses à faire à Mussoorie

  • Trek

If the weather permits, you can go on a trek in the mountains. It is a good point of reference, which is not full of tourists.

  • Admire the beautiful library

The library, a beautiful monument from the colonial era. You can enter it and also admire the building from the outside.

  • See the beautiful statue of Gandhi

In the central square, a pretty statue of this liberator in the central square.

  • Strolling through the municipal garden
Jardin municiapl Mussoorie
Jardin municipal

From Mussorie to Manali

We have to go back to Dheradum, so we can take the bus to Manali. Then you spend a night on the bus. When they are buses It's very nice, there's a hostess on board, sleeping seats. A small water bottle and a small sandwich are also distributed.

Namely: cover your ears if you are sensitive to the sound of vomiting. As we approach Manali, as it is a road of mountains, it's a concerto of vomit playing on the bus.

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