Que faire à Haridwar ?

A small town that serves as a stopover before heading to Rishikesh. Friendly but does not require a very long stop. We spend one night there.

Haridwar Gange Baignade Inde

5 choses à ne pas louper à Haridwar 

A Haridwar, les principales activités se concentrent au même endroit. Dans le centre, près du Gange.

1- Walking along the banks of the Ganges

Quite nice to go to the edge of the Ganges since it seems to be a large swimming pool. Families swim there, supervised by lifeguards. They leave their belongings in lockers at the entrance and spend the afternoon with their families.  You can choose to join them, or sit on the big steps and watch them. Women all bathe in clothes. Men in vest or bathing suit.

Haridwar Gange Baignade Inde

2- Go to the Clock Tower

A large tower dating from English colonization. Near the Ganges again. It cannot be visited but you can observe it from the outside.

Haridwar Gange clock tower Inde

3- Take the funicular

Un long funiculaire qui mène à un temple en haut des montagnes. Le temple n’a rien d’extraordinaire, mais le trajet pour s’y rendre demeure intéressant.

4- Attend the lantern ceremony

If you are visiting Haridwar, don't miss this attraction, the most interesting for this city. At nightfall, on the banks of the Ganges, hundreds of people gather with small lanterns in their hands and throw them into the river. It's very pretty to see. The whole river is full of little lanterns that go far away to make other horizons.

Haridwar Gange ceremonie lampions Inde
Haridwar Gange ceremonie nuit nde

5- Watching children jump into the water

During the rainy season, woods float in the Ganges and water is high enough. Children will throw themselves into the Ganges and swim to collect its pieces of wood and then resell them at the price of a few pieces. They risk their lives. The current takes them once in water. They jumped off a bridge and carried themselves to the next bridge, where they are trying to grab hold of each other to get out. A very tight deadline at the expense of their lives. This animates the other children who watch them by encouraging.

A noter To reach the Ganges, you must pass under a bridge. It is a rather shocking place since many beggars are sometimes without arms, legs and wait there on the bridge. There are really many of them, the bridge is full of beggars. To get to the other side, you have to get between them. Don't be surprised, to get your ankle caught or something by some beggars....

Haridwar to Rishikesh

To get to Haridwar town, it's easy, take a local bus that drops you off for a small fee in two hours. Do not be surprised by the drivers' driving. A word of advice: hang on tight 😉

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