Visiter Agra en Inde

Agra, a city famous for its wonder of the world, the Taj-Mahal. But there are many other things to do in and around this city. Let's discover together how best to visit the city of Agra.

What to do in Agra ?

  • Visit Taj-Mahal

Wake up at 5:45 am to admire one of the 6 wonders of the world. Splendid! We spend a good part of the morning there, time to take our pictures and admire the imposing white marble tomb. If you wake up early and go there around 6am you will probably have the chance to take a picture without the tourists. I think the awakening is clearly worth it!

Price: about 14 $

Taj Mahal Inde
  • Visit the red fort

Another beautiful fort, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We see it from the outside, more than enough to realize the imposing structure. (Admission is charged)

  • Jamasjud Mosque

Less impressive than the one in Delhi but so much so that you can enter it for free. We settle down with the Muslims to pray.

  • Go to eat at coffee Sheroes’ Hangout

One particular establishment since the employees of this restaurant, a café founded in 2013, are all young women who have been victims of acid attacks. I really don't know what to think about this establishment... The idea is interesting since these women can find a job in the restaurant business, and the food is really exquisite. However, I had a little trouble with all those tourists coming to take pictures of themselves with their wives, their disfigured waitresses... Moreover, the bill is supposed to be on donation, but at the end when you give what you want, women beg for more money, and of course when women with burnt faces look at you with that look you are forced to empty your wallet. That is why the situation is somewhat embarrassing. So you can go there to eat well, but at least you know what to expect.

Where to sleep in Agra ?

I can recommend the hotel "Spiritual Yoga", you can sleep in dormitories or even in double rooms at a very low price. In addition, you are located right next to the Taj-Mahal.

Around Agra: Fatapur Siki

Mosquée-aFatapur Siki Inde proche de Agra

After 1 hour by bus from Agra, we arrive in the small village of Ftapur Siki. We start with a visit to a Jama Majid mosque. Then surrounded by large red forts, we walk along lost paths until we reach a small village. There, I think they had rarely seen tourists. All the children in the village started screaming and chasing us laughing. Surprising but fun!

Finally, we walk around the market near the bus station. The aromas of spices and food emanate from it, it is a pleasure.

Agra to Varanasi - Benares

One night by bus in a semi-sleeper bus -> CONTINUED

Read Benares

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